Nonon for brands

Get social media


from real people

not advertising

Get your brand out there


You want to put your brand right in front of your target audience. And not just on 12 social media
platform but on as many as possible. Don’t be limited to the favourite social media channel of your average agency. Who knows what the best performing platform will be to promote your brand challenge? NONON knows!

Our community knows what platform they like more, they are your target group and they decide where to post about your brand.

We provide them with challenges that live up to your brand Identity.
We will make sure our NONON-fluencers will take on the challenge and share creative content about your brand.

Become a Nonon-brand


Real people

Get your brand into contact with engaged consumers who are happy to accept a challenge and share it with others.

Unlike Big sponsored campaigns or influencers, We bring real experiences with your product. And… it is much cheaper.


Big reach

NONON-fluencers that recommend your product boost your reach. Through our challenges we ensure that they get to know your product in a fun way that suits your brand. They share their experience on their own social network. In this way you reach your target audience and their peers.


For all brands

THE NONON-fluencers approach does not fit just one type of brand, we can make challenges for all types of brands. Our approach fits real products, services and even subscription model services. You prove us wrong! We will find the right challenge and reward to boost your online presence!

And most important we don’t just give away free samples and hope people will talk about it, we create meaningful, fun and creative interactions between you and your beloved brand.

Does this appeal to you and you are interested in the NONON-approach for your brand?

How we value our work


We report on 2 levels.
We report about how many people participated to the challenge, and how big their COMBINED SOCIAL REACH was.

On the secondary level we report on the CHALLENGE LIKEABILITY via the NONON-FLUENCERS